Farm Produce

The farm has 2 main seasons – the wet and dry. During the dry season we produce a wide variety of vegetables, which we uniquely prepare into vegetable baskets to sell in town. The baskets typically contain about 15 products each week, although they won’t be the same 15 products.

Our vegetables include: carrot, beets, radish, cabbage, broccoli, okra,  snake beans, lima beans, wing beans, red and green basil,  rocket, fresh turmeric, cherry tomatoes, chili, peppers, eggplant, parsley, celery, coriander, daikon radish, kale, leeks, white stem onions, red and white bulb onions, chives , red and green lettuce, mizuna, bok choy, tatsoi, salad bags of baby greens, etc.

We process some of our fruits and vegetables into hot sauces, jams, chutneys and dried spices. Some of our favorites are: Mamae jam (a native fruit, similar to a peach or apricot), jalapeño passion fruit hot sauce, bitter Orange marmalade, passion fruit curd, dry turmeric, and lots more!

If you are interested in receiving a weekly basket, let us know and we will check availability.

Handmade paper

Earthquake update: One of our two Ecopapel operations was lost along with our Canoa office. We are working on reviving Ecopapel on the farm, with the help of donations and volunteers. Contact us to learn more about ways you can help.

The farm recycles its paper and half of the paper from Canoa and Bahía! This is a cottage industry called Ecopapel. If you live in the area you are welcome to drop your waste paper in to be recycled! The recycling part of this process is carried out in a workshop at the farm, and decorating has been done in a workshop adjoining our office in Canoa.

The women expertly craft waste paper into about 60 different products, each decorated with dried flowers seeds, shells, fibers, etc. The products range from folders to notebooks, cards and bookmarks. These are sold all over Ecuador and exported on a small scale to other countries. This paper makes wonderful gifts to take home, or you can order and we can ship it to you ($50 minimum international order). 



Our staff can arrange a farm tour of your choosing, as well as a visit to the close by Isla Corazon (Heart Island), a community tourism project in the mangrove forest. The Island is located in the Río Chone estuary which separates Bahía de Caraquez and San Vicente. This trip is a great way to spend half of a sunny day! You will take a canoe through the mangroves of the island to see all different creatures, from skittish crabs to exotic snakes (at a proper distance, of course!).

As soon as you exit the mangroves, you'll see tons of elegantly colored birds flying around. They gather outside of the mangroves to create nests and socialize with their community. From here you ride around to the other side of the island, and take a short walk around another mangrove, where your guide will provide a history of the area. Transport will take you back to Canoa at the end of the tour.

The office can also organize an excellent tour to the Amazon (in the Lago Agrio area). This particular tour is expensive, but very good. Four, five, and eight day trips can be arranged.

Other Products

We also sell piglets, happy chickens, eggs, compost, and vermicompost. 

Compost 25lb bag  
1 unit: $4 each
2 units: $3.5 each  
3 unitsL $3 each

Vermicompost sack
1 unit: $20 each
2 units: $18 each   
3 units: $15 each

Happy chickens
$13 - $17 each