Here at Rio Muchacho, we host many different types of guests from backpackers to classes of students from universities, and even entire families. We have a range of facilities to keep our guests and volunteers happy! 

Rustic cabins

The farm has 8 different rustic cabins and rooms, accommodating from 1-12 people each, totaling a maximum of up to 35 people at once. Depending on courses and events, at any time there could be from 3 -50 visitors.


Besides the cabins, we’ve also got plenty of space for camping – and a fire circle next to the tinkering river – great for roasting marshmallows and playing music in the evening.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

We truly practice a “farm-to-table” lifestyle… Each and every day, crops are harvested from the garden and used immediately for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is always a wide variety of fresh fruits & veggies to make up the most delicious feasts for all!


We have multiple private and shared compost toilets and cold and warm cold –warm and hot showers around the Rio Muchacho farm. We even have a compost heated shower making very hot water when in action! Please only use biodegradable soap.

Yoga & Meditation Garden

In our Yoga & Meditation garden next to the river Muchacho you can relax, meditate or practice yoga anytime. Surrounded by trees and the sounds of birds you will feel peaceful instantly.

Classroom space

For students we have a classroom that seats up to 40 people and equipped with a projector for presentations.

Craft workshop

We have a craft workshop where we create unique jewelry from vegetable ivory or make bowls and spoons from the mate gourd, and lots more! At the workshop we also do paper recycling, where we can show you how to recycle your used paper into a brand new blank sheet.

Chill out area

At the end of the day, chill out in the hammocks all around the farm!

Book exchange

We have a book exchange with various Spanish, English and foreign language books. We also have a great collection of books on organic farming and permaculture for use by course participants you to dig in to. Take your pick and find a hammock to read & relax.

Documentary viewing

Nicola has a fantastic collection of documentaries mostly around food systems, sustainability, and so on. They can be viewed from the office space that doubles as our mini home cinema.

Children's park

We have a space for children to play in our park! Equipped with swings, climbers and other play equipment. 

Self guided walk

On our self-guided tour you are given a map of the farm which collocates to our marked spots all around the farm. Read the information to learn about our alternative energy, composting systems, local culture and agriculture, geography and climate agricultural techniques and plant life. Click here to find out more

Digital detox

As yet we don’t have wifi access, which will mean you can get a well deserved digital detox. The closest location for internet access is Canoa, a 30 minute ride from the farm. Mobile cell access is intermittent, but a 10 minute walk up the hill will give you a better signal with Movistar.