Straight from the Volunteer's Mouth: A Word from Tamás

The following piece was kindly provided by Tamás, one of the farm's long term volunteers. He hails from Hungary and plans to spend the next six months learning the in's and out's of life on Rio Muchacho. 

It's quarter past eight – it's already totally dark. We have finished our dinner with the volunteers in the open-air, bamboo and cane covered dining room. Night insects play their nocturnal symphony all around. None of us has checked e-mail, Facebook, or WhatsApp for at least five days; what is more: we have not even received or made a cellphone call. However we are indeed quite well. ☺ If we have tourists staying, we spend time listening to each other's experiences, adventures or different new ideas of sustainability; if it's just us the longer-term volunteers, then it's a normal, relaxed evening spent chatting about what jobs we had during the day or whose turn it is to wash the dishes. One of us is usually making popcorn, a popular Ecuadorian snack, on the old stove . Maybe it will serve for a movie (also open-air) if one still fits into our evening. In this isolated silence with these several people I feel as if I work at a space station here at Río Muchacho farm. I do have community with my fellows and I do care about real-world things all my days here.