This course enables volunteers to gain a greater understanding of organic farming and other methods of non-contaminating sustainable agriculture. The course runs on weekdays, you will participate 3 half days (40 hours in total) and volunteer the rest of the time.

Course Content

Week One

The problems of Conventional farming
Principles of organic farming
Value of organic material, what it does in the soil
Composting hot & cold composts, urban composting

Week Two

Other kinds of fertilizers; Liquid fertilizers, compost tea, vinegars, EM
Worm farming, moon influences

Week Three

Principles of permaculture & design
Mulch gardening
Double dig gardening

Week Four

Plant protection; Pests and diseases (imbalances)
Biodynamic farming
Seed saving


The one-month volunteer fee is $300 & the course fee is an additional $175.

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