Guadua Bamboo Construction Workshop

5 days - Course in Spanish

Who is this course for?

  • Professional builders
  • Fine woodworkers
  • Ecuadorian nationals and foreigners eager to work with bamboo

Topics covered

  1. Bamboo and guadua bamboo silviculture.
  2. How to select guadua.
  3. Guadua taxonomy.
  4. How to harvest, clean and preserve guadua (theoretical and practical).
  5. Joints and assembly (theoretical and practical)
  6. Basic understanding of Design and Building with guadua (theoretical and practical working model)
  7. Techniques for walls and panels (theoretical and practical)
  8. Practicum in cutting guadua, making mats or a table of guadua.
  9. Embellishment and maintenance of guadua in buildings.


Saúl Vera, Architect, will lead the course in Spanish.


Rio Muchacho Organic Farm