Five-day cultural exchange

The five-day cultural exchange combines the three main aspects of a visit to Río Muchacho: agro-ecology, adventure and cultural learning. We offer guests a choice of activities to combine their five day exchange with, in order to make their visit a memorable one.

Combine your cultural experience with one of the following options:

  • Volunteering on the farm
  • Free time to relax and explore the farm at your own pace.
  • Spanish classes.


Morning – accommodation and tour
Afternoon – Lunch and Elected activity
6PM – Dinner


Morning – Breakfast and Elected activity
Afternoon – Lunch, hike to the giant tree, followed by workshop time with local materials
6PM – Dinner


Early Morning – Optional: milking the cows (seasonal) and feeding animals
Morning – Breakfast and activities: make cheese from fresh milk (seasonal), chocolate-making, followed by more arts and crafts
Afternoon – Lunch and elected activity
6PM – Dinner


Morning – Breakfast and Elected activity
Afternoon – Lunch, horseback ride or hike to see howler monkeys in the tropical dry forest and to swim in a waterfall
6PM – Dinner


Morning – Breakfast and Elected activity
Afternoon – Lunch then roasting and grinding fresh coffee beans and baking yucca cake, followed by Baño Negro (Traditional clay face mask)
5PM – End of the program