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Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture - Intensive (1 month)

Experience living a more sustainable lifestyle in the Rio Muchacho community, & learn uniquely by living it. Share this unforgettable experience with other like minded people, link, create and become inspired to spread awareness to promote change in our world!

Rio Muchacho is very well set up for learning. It has working models of: beekeeping, small scale silage, chicken rotation forage area, food forests, no till agriculture, paper recycling, compost toilets, solar energy, bicycle technology, vegetable production, worm culture, natural building, biogas, rocket stove, ecological eating utensils and even an ecological dish washing system! You learn the theory and then go into the field to practice. You can’t help but begin learning from the moment you arrive!

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Using permaculture to cope with disaster:

Permaculture course

Raised beds: